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Created by Zurichs entrepreneur Thomas Sterchi and a number of partners, the Soil to Soul symposium brings experts together on the topics of soil management, pleasure and digestion. The aim is, to raise awareness of healthy soils and the interconnected effects of soil problems on the environment and on human health. Ostensibly, a holistic approach is being pursued: only an agriculture without overexploitation will preserve its own and thus also the human being and its complex inner life healthy in the long run. But this is not the only reason why scientists at research institutes around the world want to focus our attention on the soil: the microorganisms living in the earth's soil can bind CO2 and are therefore central in curbing the heating of our atmosphere. The programme director of Soil to Soul is Andrin Willi. He conceives and programmes together with initiator Thomas Sterchi and his company Tom Talent Hospitality.

Following the example of Slow Food with its focus on biodiversity, Thomas Sterchi and his fellow campaigners believe that the enjoyment of high-quality food is the best motivation to stand up for endangered goods. Soil to Soul is therefore partly concerned with science, but also places great emphasis on the enjoyment that intact soil makes possible in the first place. Panel discussions and keynote speeches by international soil experts are therefore complemented by tastings and a Soil Food Market, where soil-conscious producers from the region will present and sell their products.

Thomas Sterchi

Soil to Soul is an event by Tom Talent, staged by Thomas Sterchi, among others also founder of the music festival Zermatt Unplugged as well as the Rüsterei in Sihlcity. The Tom Talent Gruppe promotes creative work with sustainable and consistent entrepreneurship.

Andrin Willi

Andrin Willi is considered one of the "most distinguished gastronomy journalists in the country" (WoZ), a gastronomy expert who is "obsessed with food" (Tagesanzeiger). The trained hotelier and former editor-in-chief is the author of various books, moderator, epicurean consultant and broadly networked pleasure activist.

Hans Georg "H.G." Hildebrandt

Mutated from copywriter to lifestyle journalist to producer of tonic water and vermouth. As part of his passion for cooking, he is involved with charcoal, which in turn is directly related to ways of improving our soils. Born in 1966, lives with his family in Zurich.

Lauren Wildbolz

Plant-based nutrition expert and entrepreneur.

How do you combine fine dining with healthy eating, ethical issues and climate goals? Since founding Future Cuisine, the well-known Zurich-based vegan culinary expert has focused on pure plant-based cuisine. She imparts her in-depth knowledge as a speaker and panelist, offers gastro training to restaurants and hotels, produces her own videos and is currently working on her third book. Lauren Wildbolz is the new Creative Director of Soil to Soul.