Are we mangling our basis of existence?

The global meat industry provides livelihoods and jobs for many people and even makes some very rich. On the other side of the coin, however, are the well-known climate problems and the fact that valuable agricultural soils are serving to grow fodder instead of much-needed grain for people. Moreover, where much meat is produced, there are always also issues with manure and other emissions.

Do we, therefore, all have to switch to veganism? That would be ideal for the planet, but it is not realistic at this point. Soil to Soul believes that meat farming can be sustainable if it is within the framework of regenerative agriculture and if we limit the quantities we eat.

A whole series of programme items within Soil to Soul puts nutritional issues of this kind at the centre - also, of course, in a pleasurable way. The following events offer insights and perspectives on this burning issue. Being there means understanding more and enjoying more.