Are you still just devouring or already enjoying?

Healthy eating is not difficult: if you cook fresh, seasonal, and varied food, you will constantly provide your body with the building and operating blocks it needs. A healthy plate is one that is rich in colour, crunchy in texture, not heavy in protein or carbohydrates, and not overly heavy in fat (although fat has clearly been maligned too often, given its importance to our nervous systems).

Being able to feed ourselves while generating as little waste as possible is the next level in the game of life. Our food systems currently contribute far too much CO2 to the atmosphere - and if we threw away less food

  • it would take less energy to produce it;
  • it would take less energy for transport;
  • less packaging waste would be generated;
  • less greenhouse gas would be produced when the waste decays.

The use of food causes maximum damage in a maximally senseless way - this has to be improved! Interested in this topic? Then we at Soil to Soul recommend the following events at the symposium: