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The plant based scout

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    Juni - die Gurke


    Summertime is cucumber time. Especially on hot days, the vegetable is eaten in large quantities due to its refreshing taste…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    May - rhubarb


    With the first warm rays of sunshine, more and more is happening in the fields. For example, the rhubarb is…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    April - lettuce


    Polytunnels are once again bursting with great-tasting, fresh, crisp lettuce leaves! Oh, how we've missed our butter lettuce, oakleaf and…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    March - Spinach


    Now's the time, depending on the weather conditions and temperature, to sew the first varieties of vegetables, such as spinach,…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    February - Red cabbage


    Red cabbage, red cabbage, blue cabbage or blue cabbage? Almost no other vegetable has as many names as the cabbage…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    January - parsnip


    Did you know that the parsnip contains more vitamin C than carrots? Yep! And, depending on the quality of the…


Even the smallest of our actions has a consequence somewhere in the world. And that’s nice. Because if we want to live more climate-consciously, we can start with our diet. You can improve your personal environmental balance just by making small adjustments.

The key words are: less processed, more regional and seasonal. You can use this calculator to find out how your diet affects the environment.

Have fun – and enjoy making the change.