Keynote: How to make earth zero waste - Douglas McMaster

18. Sep 2021


What do we need to change about our supply chains to stop the increasingly oppressive buildup of waste? Douglas McMaster is researching this topic in real time; his lab is a London restaurant called Silo. A clear thinker, McMaster has recognized that recycling surplus production cannot lead to meeting the zero-waste target – if only because far too much energy is lost in the process. During his keynote address, Douglas will explain how he intends to use a pre-industrial production concept to put a stop to waste in his restaurant – without guests having to sacrifice maximum enjoyment because of it. The underlying question “What would life be like without trash cans?” was posed in 2011 by artist and friend of Douglas, Joost Bakker. We’re very excited to hear Douglas' insights and hope to be able to implement many of his ideas into our everyday lives.