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Soil to Soul takes place in autumn – but that’s no reason not to deal with the increasingly important topics of our symposium throughout the year. Which is why Programme Director Andrin Willi invites four exponents of Zurich's culinary culture to a panel discussion at Karl der Grosse – and guests to a meal that pays perfect homage to the subject matter.

Laura Schälchli has climbed her way to prominence in recent years, primarily as the founder of the bean-to-bar chocolate label La Flor. On the side, however, Laura’s other passion is cooking. As the head of her own company, Sobre Mesa , she is an ardent advocate of the nose-to-tail philosophy, and knows her way around Zurich’s culinary scene like the back of her hand. She now appears as Andrin Willi's first interlocutor in the four-part format “RadiKarl”, which tackles the subject of meat and authenticity while presenting the perfect opportunity for a little mutual dining.

As the name already suggests, the events take place at Zurich’s bistro/debate house Karl der Grossewhich is situated within eyeshot of the Grossmünster. RadiKarl is a thread of Karl's Fokus, an overarching forum with a variable programme that takes place twice a year to address political issues, urban development and other major topics. Andrin Willi's other guests are food scout and book author Richi Kägi, Marlene Halter from Metzg on Langstrasse and Lauren Wildbolz, vegan guru and recently-appointed Creative Director of Soil to Soul.

Instead of chocolate, Laura Schälchli deals in this inaugural edition of RadiKarl with blood and innards – the parts of our livestock that most consumers like to ignore when extracting their hygienically-packed, pale chicken breasts from their vacuum packaging of an evening. In times past, this part of the animal was known as “the fifth quarter”. At a time when, according to prominent experts, the world is heading for a food crisis, this debate is more pressing than ever.

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The menu to date – subject to change:

Blood meringue, blue cheese, apple

Ravioli, two from the heart, brown butter

Crown of liver, lung, tongue, tripe crunch, coffee jus, turnip mash

Panna cotta with blood-chili-blackberry coulis

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