RadiKarl #4: Exciting plant-based cooking with Lauren Wildbolz


Meat substitutes can be done away with entirely according to the RadiKarl view of Lauren Wildbolz, a Zurich-based vegan guru who shows us in the last episode of RadiKarl 2022 the delights of a delicious tasting, purely plant-based cuisine that goes "beyond fake meat" and sheds the unwanted baggage of tradition.

Saying goodbye to meat seems to be a difficult thing for us to do. And anyone who scans the shelves of the wholesalers is left with the same impression – refrigerators are packed to the rafters with sausages and burgers made from meat substitutes to ensure that our summer barbecues remain familiar and mainstream despite the boom in a trendy meat-free lifestyle.

A pioneer of meat-free indulgence with her restaurant, the Zurich-based artist and chef Lauren Wildbolz has been involved with vegan cuisine for many years now. And despite a well-booked catering calendar, she has found time to prepare and share with you a sumptuous buffet on the evening of June 24.

Rounding off the four-part "RadiKarl" programme implemented in collaboration with Soil to Soul, the event sees Lauren Wildbolz offer guests tips on how to avoid the meat-substitute trap in their everyday culinary pleasure plan during a talk with programme director Andrin Willi. Her motivation? To prevent anybody less committed to veganism who has tried vegan meatloaf or dry soya nuggets from afterwards whipping round to the nearest butcher's shop and stocking up on animal products. Thanks to variety, freshness and a little knowledge, Lauren Wildbolz's Temple Meal concept shows how you can eat plant-based food several times a day without ever getting bored.

You can book your place for the evening here. A ticket costs CHF 90.- and is a fantastic deal considering the wealth of culinary delights and the profusion of cooking tips you get in return from Lauren herself.

What to expect:

An opulent Asian tavolata inspired by the Buddhist temple meal.

Be curious and let yourself be surprised!