RadiKarl second serving: Fattening, slaughtering and eating animals


Zurich's debate house Karl der Grosse has teamed up with Soil to Soil to run a four-part talk series. For the second part, host Andrin Willi has invited Zurich-based cookbook author Richi Kägi to cook and discuss. This edition's topic: Meat and Ethics.

The debate surrounding human consumption of products of animal origin will accompany us well into the future. While radical veganism promises its followers that they can rescue the planet, the forces of inertia in the real world are colossal – billions of people want to eat proteins of animal origin at every mealtime and celebrate their family feasts with the sacrificing of animals. This will not remain forever so – ethically minded farmers have long since ensured that it's possible to eat meat with a clear conscience if you only consume it occasionally.

But it's not just a matter of conscience, it also has to taste good. And that's where Richi Kägi comes in. As the author of numerous cookbooks and a former food scout for the Globus department store's food division, his travels took him to Spain, among other places, where a calf would never be slaughtered. Male cattle are instead allowed to grow into oxen and only slaughtered at several years of age. Even mother cows, who have already given birth to calves many times, are not processed into dog food at the end of their lives, but lovingly fattened before being slaughtered precisely for the tasty, characterful flavour of their older meat. Chuletónes from mature cows are a sought-after delicacy across the entire north of Spain.

In a talk lasting approximately one hour, Richi Kägi and host Andrin Willi will discuss this culture of meat consumption and examine how the concept could be applied in Switzerland. Of course, there will be food, too – and plenty of it! A fantastic Friday evening programme for anybody interested in the culinary arts – book now!

What to expect:

Small aperitif

Rib-eye with black garlic mayo and balsamic shallots

Tartar with sourdough bread and Jerusalem artichoke chips

Denver Cut with potatoes and jus

Dessert: Eton Mess