Franziska Wick: Microbes are like tourists in the gut

05. Apr 2022 von Andrin Willi

Organiser, certified fermentista and natural entrepreneur Franziska Wick reveals how important
to planet earth those inhabitants invisible to the naked eye really are. Microbes are not only
responsible for the decomposition of dead matter and the revitalisation of plants, but are also
critical for the health and function of all living creatures, including us humans. In addition to
examining the connection between humans and nature, as well as its biodiversity, we also have
our eye on the future: Probiotics are set to have a major impact on our medicine – will chronic
diseases soon be curable using specific strains of bacteria?

Fact is: Raising awareness of the importance of maintaining a species-rich microbiome, and
avoiding extinction through our current lifestyle is something we all need to engage in.

The Fermentista Festival takes place this year as part of Soil to Soul, which runs from
September 15-17, 2022.