Sven Wassmer: Nutrition education begins as a baby

30. Jun 2022 von Andrin Willi

In our eighth episode, we cook with a famous 2 Michelin-starred chef. Sven Wassmer from the
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz tells us why cooking and eating are so important to him. For Sven and
his wife, Amanda, celebrating and eating as a family are essential activities. With the kitchen as
a hub of social exchange and diversity, he is well aware of the significance of his role as a top
chef and a father. The goal is clear: To use honesty, fun and fresh ingredients to make people a
little more aware of their food intake – an awareness that already begins in childhood – because
the mind and body can only perform at their best if we eat healthy and natural food.

Sven Wassmer is set to take part in an exclusive culinary pleasure event as part of this years
Soil to Soul Symposium, which takes place from September 15-17, 2022.