One-off microbiome analysis

Like the soil, the gut possesses a microbiome - it is populated by billions and billions of bacteria that help us stay healthy. The microbiome is as distinctive as a fingerprint, and you can help it flourish with the proper diet.

Soil to Soul - and back again: Intestinal health is a thematic focus of Soil to Soul. That is why we are offering the unique opportunity to purchase a Microbiome Advanced Analysis (stool sampling set) during the symposium at half price including a consultation with the naturopath Sarah Müllhaupt.

Have you always wanted to get to the bottom of your intestinal flora?

Sarah Müllhaupt will be selling the kits on site on Saturday 17.9.22 from 11:00-13:00 and 17:00-19:00 following the keynote by Renate Bittner and ( text: Atom Sarkar target:_blank).

Important: The purchase of one of the limited kits is only possible if you have a ticket for the mentioned keynotes.

  • Price: CHF 145.- per kit
  • only available in the paper hall at the above mentioned times
  • only with the purchase of a ticket
  • frist come first serve

Microbiome ADVANCED Analysis

Includes test for:

  • α1-antitrypsin
  • zonulin
  • Gluten intolerance