Benedikt Bösel

Founder of Gut&Bösel

Agricultural economist Benedikt Bösel is the managing director of Gut&Bösel, a 3000-hectare farm and forestry operation an hour east of Berlin. Together with his team, he develops various regenerative agriculture methods to build healthy and resilient ecosystems and understand how large-scale agriculture can be transformed in the future. These methods include holistic pasture management, composting, syntropic agroforestry and forest conversion, as well as the development of new software and technology. Benedikt is convinced: multifunctional land use is the key to solving many of the most pressing problems of our time - from climate change and biodiversity loss to hunger and equal opportunity. To provide scientific support for agricultural work and to be able to assess and analyse the effects of multifunctional agriculture, Benedikt_established the Finck Foundation in 2021. The foundation cooperates with various high-ranking universities and research institutes. He is involved_in a large number of initiatives and associations on the future of food, agriculture and rural areas on a voluntary basis.

©Image: Emanuel Falkenstein/G&B