Bledar Kola

Co-Founder & Head Chef at Mullixhiu

Mullixhiu means ›miller‹ and stepping through this door is in fact a trip through space and time into a simple wooden hut high up in the mountains of Albania’s north. But Bledar Kola, who opened Mullixhiu in February 2016, is no miller. He is a chef. Bledar Kola is born in Mabë, a small village 20 kilometers north of Lezha, in 1984. At only 15 years of age, he moved to London, started first as a plongeur, and had then several jobs in a café and bakery before he started as chef de partie at the St Jame’s. After he had stages at le Gavroche, at Noma in Copenhagen (2010) and at Fäviken with Magnus Nilsson (2012). Returning again to Tirana he opened with two brothers Mullixhiu - a rural oasis in the center of Tirana, linking countryside and city.

©Image: Ilir Rizaj Photography