Jeong Kwan Seunim

Seon Buddhist Nun

Jung joined the seon Buddhist temple, the largest order in South Korea, and became a snim, as a Buddhist nun is respectfully called in Korea. Preparing food for the temple community and visitors is an important activity for all members of the order. Jeong Kwan Seunim developed an affection for cooking at an early age and has since become a master in the field of fermentation. Every year she prepares soy sauces, various soy pastes and vinegar herself and lets time work. In this way, she wants to preserve and continue the 1500-year-old tradition of Korean vegan temple cuisine. She became internationally known through a Netflix documentary in 2017. In Buddhism, food means gratitude towards nature and the simplicity of the food promotes meditation.

©Image: Véronique Hoegger/Echtzeit Verlag